60 minute treatments

purifying treatment [90]
a deep cleanse that gives the skin a luminous, uniform appearance while rebalancing the skin and leaving it fresh and firm

hydramemory treatment [90]

deep hydration that results in renewed moisture and silkiness to prolong youthful skin

brightening treatment [90]

illuminating and revitalizing action recommended for any concerns with hyper-pigmentation

ultimate anti-aging treatment [90]

*contra-indicated for pregnancy
exclusive anti-aging and restructuring treatment which simultaneously contrasts all the aggressions caused by free radicals, exposure to sun, environmental pollution and biological aging

75 minute treatments

chrono-reverser and collagen treatment [115]

an extraordinary treatment to resurface, revitalize and deeply hydrate the skin

glorious skin treatment [115]

an intensive treatment to reduce expression lines and give you a youthful look with and immediate lift



alpha hydroxy acid enhancements [30]
collagen enhancements [30]
anti-fatigue collagen eye mask [25]


makeup applications [35]
bridal makeup & trial [75+]
grad makeup & trial [70+]


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