welcome to the family
we keep our clients preferences on file
just let us know if you’d like your signature service today

prices vary depending on level of stylist
*please arrive on time for your appointment and give 24hrs notice of cancellation

*prices are subject to change without notice


womens [40+]
children 12-16 [30+]
children 11 & under [20+]


highlights [130+]
highlights & cut [140+]


bridal upstyle & trial [100+]
grad upstyle & trial [100+]
evening style [55+]
specialty style [35+]


the straight

using bumbles straight line we will give you a soft sleek look [40+]

the curl conscious

using bumbles curl conscious line we will give you lots of loose curls [40+]

big city glam

using bumbles thickening line we will give you big hair with lots of volume [40+]

urban surf

using bumbles surf line we will give you the perfect messy, beachy hair [40+]

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